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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Eyelash Curler - Why you Shouldn't Live Without One

Step 1: 
Warm up your eyelash curler. Place it in a cup of warm water. Be sure that it isn't scolding hot!
Step 2:
When using an eyelash curler it’s very important to not just clamp it on your lashes, but to walk the eyelash curler out. Slowly walk the curler out to the end of the lashes as opposed to just clamping it down and ending up with a harsh curl to your lashes.
Step 3:
Apply two more coats of mascara. If you ever want to reapply mascara take a disposable eyewand and make sure to comb through your lashes so you don’t have spiderweb eyelashes! 

Be sure to replace the lash pads on your eyelash curler regularly.

Do you curl your eyelashes? Let us know your foolproof method in the comment section below.

Let's make it a beautiful life!!!

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