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Friday, May 3, 2013

Crazy Beauty Tips That Work

By Eleanor Langston via Cosmopolitan

You've been told this before: 'Okay, I know it's weird, but…' and what follows is a surprising piece of advice - about anything from clearing up a blemish to softening your skin - that totally does the trick. Call it word-of-mouth beauty. Sure, these tips might sound strange at first, but there's a logic to them. We rounded up a few pointers. Here are the gems.

1. Cure Calluses With Vaseline
Slather on petroleum jelly, and put on socks before bed to dissolve tough calluses overnight.

2. Spot-Treat Smudges
Dip a cotton swab in eye makeup remover, and trace it along your lids to erase any slip-ups when there's no time to redo your whole look.

3. Soften Your Body With Avocado
Take a ripe avocado, remove the pit and skin, and mash it up in a bowl. Slather it all over your body, let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse off. Your skin will be sooo soft - avocado is a natural moisturizer.

4. Superglue a Nail
Instead of tearing off your nail when it breaks, put a tiny dab of Super Glue over the split, and paint a generous layer of your favorite nail polish shade over it. Go for an opaque option (like red, purple or coral) to camouflage and seal the crack.

5. Use Makeup Remover On Stubborn Lipstick
Don't try to rub off red lipstick (which makes it smear across your mouth - not so sexy). Instead, take a cotton ball or tissue, dip it in makeup remover, and just dab to erase the dark stain.

6. Tame Brows With Eye Cream
Pat any kind of rich eye cream over brows to help keep them hydrated and banish those icky white specks that look like dandruff.

7. Buff With Baking Soda
If you find yourself streaking (not glowing) after applying self-tanner, put some baking soda on a loofah, and scrub away the stripes.

Got your own crazy beauty tips? Let us know about them in the comment section below.

Let's make it a beautiful life!

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