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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Can You Pass The White Towel Test?

You dry yourself with a big white fluffy towel after a long shower, and you see dirt on the towel. How is this possible? Easy! Wash clothes, puffs and your hands don't get all the dirt and dead skin off your body. That's what is showing up on your towels after a bath. So what's the solution?


These lovely gloves are a one size fits all situation and they are fabulous! Here are the benefits.

1. They gently exfoliate and encourage skin cell renewal.

2. They allow your favorite cleanser or body wash to lather more efficiently, so I guarantee that you'll use less product over time.

3. They are machine washable and can be kept for a max of 8 weeks!

4. They are easy to find and well priced through your local chemist or grocer.

Bath time has completely changed since I've added these babies to the mix. My skin feels and looks great!

Do you use bath gloves? If so, tell me it's changed bath time for you in the comment section below.


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