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Monday, May 27, 2013

Skin Care Basics - Dry Brushing


Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like – brushing your dry skin with a brush specially designed to get rid of dead skin cells. Dry brushing can be done on both the face and the body, but a different brush is recommended for both. Face brushes are typically much smaller with slightly gentler bristles, while a body brush will be larger and sturdier.


1. Starting from your ankles, gently brush your skin, moving up and in towards your heart; along your body's natural lymphatic flows.

2. After you're done with your legs, brush your stomach, arms and shoulders.  Make sure you are using light but firm strokes.

3. Make long, sweeping strokes on your arms, legs, and your sides, but use circular strokes for your under arms, wrists, and ankles. Remember to be gentle! It's normal for your skin to be a bit pink afterwards, but it shouldn't be red or too sensitive to touch.

4. After brushing, take a shower or bath to fully clean your skin and rinse off any shedding. Make sure to follow with oil or moisturizer! If you are new to skin brushing, it's recommended that you do it only around 3 times a week until you know how your skin will take the treatment. Once you're a pro, you can brush every day if you want to!  Just make sure you give your skin some time to breathe between the treatments.


I believe that health food stores such as The Wellness Warehouse have the best body brushes. You want the brush to have natural bristles instead of synthetic ones. 

Tip #1: Some shedding will occur, whether you like it or not.  A solution would be to dry brush standing in your bathtub and rinse everything down the drain afterwards.

Tip #2: Expect skin brushing to add around 5-10 minutes to your shower and/or grooming routine. Do it when you have a little extra time. This isn't something to rush through.

Have you tried dry brushing? If so, let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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